“The gin made from aloe vera in Lanzarote island. We are in love with our own”

It is impossible to explain without the context, feelings, emotions and sensations that your place of origin determines your character.

At least that is how Agustín and Luis can understand that. They have been playing the ball without the need to worry for cars near by. They have been sorrounded by white fronts melted in a volcanic landscape where each game seemed to be fight on the moon. They have run till the fridges to drink a strawberry cliper or an appleteiser, and then they have returned to fight their astral game. We were always surrounded by  the Atlantic breeze that remember they were not alone in the middle of the sea, and also caressed the fauna and flora of the island which they respect.

They have grow up and, at the same time, they have walked along  Charco de San Giné, knowing their people and moulding with them. They have spent the days in la Famara , sharing  “Papas con Mojo”, “Bienmesabes”, “ Almorgotes”…  Some days in which the sunset  never seemed to come to those who glided through waters with their surfboard in pursuit of the perfect wave. Other days in which the sun just  rose, everything was made of orange and purple colours.

“Armony and freshness in each drink. Lanzarote in each drink.”

The textures, the climate, the lanscape of the Lanzarote island inspired these two entrepreneurs to create a gin with that flavour, that temper. For that, they look for one of the most prestigious distillers nationally and they carried him to the island to be inspired. They were together a productive time tasting and smelling till they found Pitagin recipe:

A refreshing and unique recipe that represents all the values of Lanzarote island. The choice of Aloe Vera is not accidental because it tries to approach each palate to the island. And the best way to do it is with one of the characteristic resources of the island.

Matched by a cared botanic garden charateristic of the island as coriander, lemon herbs, juniper, ginger, cardamom and citrus fruits. Finally they were able to get the perfect formula to evoke Lanzarote in each drink.

The perception of the truth is only useful through sensory experience. The one that Agustín and Luís propose is an original formula that express dryness, freshness and armony. Finally it represents all the values that it has forged in them.