Everyone has their own fears. These are expressed since we are so young. A very common fear is  the darkness. Many of us have slept with a small light in our room because we feared not being able to see the “Sack Man” at night.

Maybe this is one of the most common fears. However, as we grow up and adapt to everything, fears stop from being physicals to become more irrationals. Fear of not saying what you touch, fear of not falling well, fear of not liking, fear of losing someone…

 These paralyze us and cause us to loose an important thing: confidence in ourselves. We get stuck generating anxiety and stress situations.

 Do you all remember when you stopped sleeping with that little light in the room? When were you alone in the darkness and you realized that it was not a big deal, so you were bigger than the irrational and phantasmagorical dangers that radiated from the darkness? Do you remember that you felt good and relieved?

It is just that. Take some time to think about what prevent you from moving forward in your routine. Fears and insecurities are imposed by ourselves. You just have to remove the bandage from these to be able to see that bigger we are. We must not avoid those situations that cause us fear: We must invade them with courage, security and respect… to become strong, to be able to illuminate with our presence the darkest areas of our existence.

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