aloe vera

You have asked yourself why the Pitagin taste brings at the time time a sense such dry, refreshing and healthy on your palate. The “Pita Sábila” commonly known as  Aloe Vera, it is the essential component of Pita Gin.

It is a bush of Arabian origin and it is likely to grow in sandy and coastal rocks, altered and nitrified by the sea in subropical regions. That is why Aloe Vera is a very typical resource of our island.

Like everything that is forged in territories accused by erosion or in difficult conditions, the strength and beneficial nature of this plant are a reality. It is said that its name comes from the mixture of “Alloeh” (bright bitter substance in Arabic) and “Vera”, from the Latin “verdad”. Some legends say that Cleopatra in the 40s and 50s B.C.,, already used the gel extracted from the plant to spread it over her body and face as part of her beauty regime.

In many regions of Central America they are aware of healing and medicinal qualities of the plant and consider it to have a great power. It is not uncommon to find this type of plants in the house entrances or in the roads that lead to these to free the experience of negative energies and try to send health to all the people that inhabit these places.

Among its medicinal properties include the following:

Contains vitamins A, group B, C, mucilages, minerals, tannins, oils, fatty acids (oleic and linoleic), amino acids…

It has the property of regenerating skin cells.

It has digestive action.

It has depurative effect.

It favors the regeneration of internal tissues.

Eliminates fungi and viruses.

Regenerates skin cells

It has analgesic effect.

It protects the immune system.

It has anti-inflammatory action.

In addition, in a recent study actually by NASA, Aloe Vera is a perfect plant for the purification of indoor places that favors that you can breathe a clean air in these. It is what has to be releasing oxygen at night, and is reflected in the improvement of the quality of breathing and absorption of this air by the human body that inhabits these rooms.

At Pita Gin we are proud to incorporate all these properties in our gin, because the dryness has never been so refreshing. Its origins and properties make this an unique and special Gin.

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